don't look back

i'm nineteen years young. guitar is my life. country music all the way.

Give it to him!

It’s exciting getting to know so many different people! Learning about myself and learning not to trust so easily when to give and take. Learning so much. I feel free and careless letting God do all the work! And take me where he wants me!

Don’t ever change yourself for anyone!

Maleficent (2014)

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Anonymous asked: Today is my 4th day with my rook and its feels really loose. Will it tighten a bit as it heals? Any tips on cleaning it or anything??

yes it should tighten they prob used a bigger gauge needle then what the ring is. …and i would put peroxide on a Q tip  and go around it let it soak around it then rise with warm water then warm water with salt. if you dont want peroxide the salt water is good get a cup put it on your ear and go side ways. (: 


The boyfriend got a job where he is gone during the week and only back on weekends… Sometimes for only one day… About to start the second month of this and each week he leaves it gets harder and harder.